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Watching this World Cup really needs some catching up
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The 2018 World Cup is about to be half over, as a crowd of people who eat melon, small make up also can not help but observe a moment of silence for the fans of all countries. Calling the 2018 World Cup "the coldest World Cup" is not unreasonable, I believe that whether you usually watch the league, know how to understand offside£¬chase after the stars, or not,this moment, you will always be attracted by it. the first star of World Cup for is, of course, the unruly, always break through his own cristiano ronaldo's superior skill, sharp breakthrough, is the absolute core of the team and also good skills, shooting messi, will become "pampas eagle's claws", known as "the next pele" omar, gorgeous and clever, game QingJi, dynamic stability, and of course the adzharian, Glenn boltzmann, aguero, saleh, had her... ...
But the fans didn't expect it. Portugal and Spain drew, Argentina drew, Germany lost, Brazil drew and the favourites lost their opening game without a win. The roof of the World Cup has been full of people, the heart of the fans by the 10,000-point attack, can not afford to lose ah, can not afford to lose, some netizens asked such a situation, the next to buy what? God replies: buy a coffin. The 2018 World Cup is so "pit", coupled with the fans stay up late every day to watch the game, is really tired and irritable, the body can not stand, how to do? Eat the root of huimao sea cucumber, sea cucumber is a typical high protein, low fat, low sugar, low cholesterol tonic food, and warm, almost suitable for all types of people to eat. Sea cucumber contains 18 amino acids and iron, copper, calcium, manganese and other 20 kinds of trace elements, for frequent physical strength overdraft or energy is not strong people are very nourishing food, also suitable for white-collar workers, the effect of invigorating the kidney gas for long-term in a state of sub-health of white-collar workers, for the sea cucumber to alleviate symptoms and adjust the role of qi and blood, enhance physical strength, so staying up late to watch the game, stick to the Gospel of sea cucumber is stay up family! Congratulations on the successful launch of penglai huimao food website revision and upgrade!

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