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Sea cucumbers have the three most amazing things in the world
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        The sea cucumber, together with ginseng, bird's nest and shark fin, is the first of the eight treasures in the sea. It is rich in nutrients and also known as the "first of the hundred tonic" and "king of blood tonic". What's more, sea cucumbers are full of treasure, and knowing the nutritional value of different parts of their body will be more beneficial to your health.

        ►For the sea cucumber flower
The sea cucumber flower is the intestines and eggs of the sea cucumber, which is the internal organs of the sea cucumber. The guts of sea cucumbers were rarely noticed, let alone cherished. Especially in China, people eat sea cucumber, whether it is full of food or health care, usually choose the sea cucumber skin and meat, and sea cucumber intestines and eggs and other internal organs are discarded. Abroad, especially in Japan and South Korea, the intestines and eggs of sea cucumber are used to the extreme. Known as the "sea cucumber flower", they use the sausage eggs to make tea, wine and then simmer the soup, or salt and ferment the fresh "sea cucumber flower" into the "sea cucumber jam", which is very popular and expensive in the market. Sea cucumber flower contains a large number of acid mucopolysaccharides, lipids, visceral pigments (beta carotene, sea urchin purple ketone, astaxanthin, zeaxanthin, keratin, etc.) that have special effects on human body, and also contains sea cucumber saponins, selenium, selenium, iron and calcium and other components, so rich in nutrients that make the sea cucumber flower magical effect. Sea cucumber flowers are not only more delicious than sea cucumbers, but also more diverse in their cooking methods. Anti-aging, it prevention and treatment of prostatitis, diabetes, cancer, hypertension, iron deficiency anemia, aplastic anemia, stomach disease and duodenal ulcer and other effects.


        ►Sea cucumber tendons

The white is the sea cucumber£¬which has rich gluten and do not throw it away. By sea cucumber sea cucumber in steel production areas, the fishermen called the "dragon" as the nervous system of sea cucumber, people who eat sea cucumber believe is heard to sea cucumber saponins, sea cucumber saponins (also called sea cucumber element) is a good thing, to the many cancer patients to eat sea cucumber. Sea cucumber saponins have a lot of efficacy, can prevent cancer suppressor anti-cancer, and sea cucumber inner rib is the highest of the sea cucumber body parts. A lot of friends in the cooking of sea cucumber may have the behavior of throwing away the sea cucumber internal sinews, on the one hand is that do not understand the sea cucumber internal sinews nutritional value, on the other hand is it easy to hide dirt, sand attached to it is difficult to clean. For professional chefs, the internal tendons of sea cucumber are easy to fall off when cooking, which will affect the appearance of dishes. For the above reasons, sea cucumber tendons have not been paid attention to for a long time.       

        ►Sea cucumber skin

Sea cucumber skin is a simplified processing of the sea cucumber, that is, the body wall of the sea cucumber, has been to the internal organs, after a number of processes refined, the most popular thing on the sea cucumber. Sea cucumber skin contains low cholesterol, wait for a patient to hypertension, coronary heart disease, hepatitis to reach old people to be able to say dietotherapy fine article, often feed very beneficial to treating a disease strong body. Sea cucumber skin contains low cholesterol, adipose content is opposite little, it is food of typical high protein, low adipose, low cholesterol, wait for a patient to high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, hepatitis to reach old person to be able to say dietotherapy fine article, often feed very beneficial to treating a disease strong body; Sea cucumber skin contains chondroitin sulfate, which is conducive to human growth and development, can delay muscle aging, enhance the body's immunity. Vanadium content in the skin of sea cucumber is the highest among all kinds of foods, which can be involved in the transport of iron in the blood and enhance the hematopoietic function. Recently, American researchers extracted a special substance from the skin of sea cucumber -- sea cucumber skin toxin. This compound can effectively inhibit the growth and metastasis of a variety of molds and some human cancer cells. The consumption of sea cucumber skin has a good effect on aplastic anemia, diabetes and gastric ulcer.

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