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Huimao sea joined into the Meiyijia chain supermarket.
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Huimao sea joined into the Meiyijia chain supermarket.

Huimao sea joined into the Meiyijia chain supermarket!

Huimao sea joined into the Meiyijia chain supermarket!

Huimao sea joined into the Meiyijia chain supermarket! Say the important things three times.

Good news to our foodie friends exclusively, Huimao ready-to-eat sea cucumber products which under the banner of Huimao food Co. login in Meiyijia chain supermarket, Jan 1, 2018. What¡¯s more, Huimao instant sea cucumber has been sold on Meiyijia online! At the same time, you can buy the treasure delicious from the Bohai sea in the community Meiyijia convenience store!!

Meiyijia chain supermarket is controlled by Dongguan sugar and wine group. Since its establishment in 1997, stores spread over Guangdong, Fujian, Hunan, Jiangxi, Hubei provinces. Until June 2017, the total number of stores is more than 10,000. Over the years, it won the Chinese retail industry ten outstanding franchise brands, China convenience store awards etc.

It has won hundreds of honors, such as China franchise award, has become a large domestic convenience store brand. In 2017, there were more than 10,000 stores, 46 cities in Guangdong, Fujian, Hunan, Hubei andJjiangxi, maintain steady growth at the rate of adding more than 100 stores every month. Where there are friends there are Meijiayi.

In 2017, Guangdong province aims to have more than 10,000 stores

In 2017, the target of more than 470 stores in fujian province

Hunan province in 2017 target of more than 200 stores

The target of more than 50 stores in hubei province in 2017

Jiangxi province aims to have more than 90 stores in 2017

Huimao instant sea cucumber made by penglai huimao food co., LTD. won the majority of consumers¡¯ love because of its Umami taste. This time, penglai huimao food and meiyijia work together, providing quality and inexpensive boutique sea cucumber for the vast number of consumers

Customers¡¯ satisfaction of the product is our goal!

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