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Alliance condition  
investment policy
Alliance condition
Alliance condition

1. An enterprise legal person or a natural person who operates independently shall have legal qualifications for operation and independent capacity for civil liability.

2. Know the local market, have abundant network and resources, have good market development ability or industry sales network, have certain public relations ability, planning ability, organizational ability and management ability, and have certain food sales experience.

3. Provide technical support or consulting services to customers or merchants, with good credit, good conduct and no bad records;

4. Has strong brand awareness, can identify with and accept the company's corporate culture and business philosophy, abide by the company's rules and regulations, willing to obey unified management, and can always maintain brand reputation;

5. Have certain economic strength;

6. Have a correct outlook on life, values and world outlook, and be able to rationally view the relationship between investment and return.

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Alliance condition
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